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Even people with certain physical disabilities are able to use it. The really wonderful thing about this experience is it affords children the opportunity to experience an extreme sport whilst having fun and is a great confidence booster and learning tool. Their parents can even jump themselves or, as is often the case, become extremely enthusiastic teachers for a few minutes. The thrill of bungee jumping combined with the fun of trampolining make for a highly entertaining and safe experience.

These are the elements that make bungee trampolining a durable, profitable business opportunity. The perfect jumping system for your facility or business venture. With our extensive range of Bungee Trampoline systems, we can design a version that fits your needs and budget. Bungee Trampoline systems can be either mobile or stationary, for indoor and outdoor use.

The Bungee Trampoline is a safe and accessible way for children and adults to experience all the thrills of acrobatics and Bungee jumping, but with none of the risks. On Vertical Reality’s Bungee Trampoline Systems we don’t “Monkey Around”, jumpers can attain heights in excess of 24 feet in the air!

Included features: Heavy duty 14” tires  - Electric Brakes  - Detachable single axle trailer  - Aluminum diamond plate fenders  - Hot-dipped, Galvanized steel structure  - Light weight aluminum poles  - Split pole design  - Simple storage brackets for quick and easy tear-down.

Convenient Options:
· Aluminum Diamond Plate Storage Tool Box
· Industrial epoxy paint coating to prevent rust (which is superior to any painting process including powder-coating.)
· Anodized aluminum pole color choices

The participant is first centered on one of our inflatable trampolines, then secured in a custom adjustable harness by a trained operator. The combination of an electric winch and power cords allow the jumper to catapult up to 24 feet in the air! This combination system of lifting and use of elastimers dramatically enhances the jumpers ability to perform front and back somersaults as well as reaching heights that would normally be impossible. NO OTHER PRODUCT CAN COMPARE!

Our authentic multiple-Bungee-cord-system (power cords or bungee loops) attached to the jumper allows for maximum safety, resiliency and vertical height, up to 24 feet in the air; compared to an inferior single flexible pole design that is on the market which cannot duplicate our superior jumping experience.

Completely smooth jumping motion is attained with our uniquely formulated Bungee cords. The standard version is a 4 station mobile unit, however up to 6 stations are available. The system comes entirely equipped turnkey, including a very helpful pole lift assist system, requiring only one person to set up the unit in an hour’s time.

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